11 Killed in an Islamic state attack in Baghdad: report


After three years of struggle, Iraq declared ISIS defeated in 2017 (representative)


In an attack by an Islamic state group on a viewpoint west of Baghdad, which was occupied by a state-sponsored tribal unit, eleven people died late on Sunday, security forces and medics from the AFP said.

The attackers threw grenades and fired at the hashed tribal forces stationed in Al-Radwaniyah on the southern edge of the Iraqi capital near the Baghdad airport.

“ISIS attacked the surveillance tower, killing five members of the Hashed tribe and six local people who came to fight off the attack,” a security source said.

A medic confirmed the toll to AFP and said eight wounded were rushed to a hospital in central Baghdad.

There was no direct responsibility from ISIS.

In 2014, IS captured a third of Iraq, conquered major cities in the north and west and reached the suburbs of the capital Baghdad.


After a fierce three-year struggle, supported by the US-led coalition, Iraq declared ISIS defeated in late 2017.

The coalition has significantly withdrawn its troops this year and consolidated them into three main bases in Baghdad, Ain al-Asad in the west and Erbil in the north.

However, IS sleeping cells continued to attack security forces and state infrastructure, particularly in desert areas where troops are thinly stretched.

However, attacks with such high tolls and near the capital were rare.

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