According to BioNTech, a mutation-beating coronavirus vaccine can be made in six weeks



  • “Very likely,” said BioNTech, that the vaccine will work against mutated strains
  • Could deliver a new vaccine in six weeks, said co-founder
  • Mutant strain first reported in the UK


BioNTech’s co-founder said Tuesday that it was “very likely” that his coronavirus vaccine would work against the mutant strain found in the UK, but he could also adjust the vaccine in six weeks if needed.

“Scientifically speaking, it is very likely that the immune response of this vaccine can also deal with the new virus variant,” said Ugur Sahin.

If necessary, “the beauty of messenger technology is basically that we can start developing a vaccine that fully mimics this new mutation – we might be able to get a new vaccine engineered within six weeks.” “


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