According to the Ministry of Health, the death toll in the Spanish coronavirus exceeds 50,000 marks


Spain has the fourth highest death toll in Western Europe after Italy. (File)


The number of deaths in Spain caused by the new coronavirus was over 50,000, according to an official count by the Ministry of Health on Friday.

The country has recorded 24,462 new confirmed Covid-19 infections and 298 deaths since the ministry’s last record was released on Thursday, bringing Spain’s total to 1,879,413 cases and 50,122 deaths.

Spain has the fourth highest number of deaths in Western Europe after Italy with almost 72,000, the UK with almost 71,000 and France with almost 63,000.

Since Spain lifted one of the strictest bans in Europe in late June, it has been difficult to keep new infections under control.

To curb a second wave of coronavirus cases, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez declared a state of national emergency in October, which will last until May.

The measure allows the powerful Spanish regional governments to impose night curfews, limit the size of gatherings and restrict movement in and out of their territory.

Health officials have also targeted nightlife and partying as some of the main sources of the recent infection resurgence.


As in other European countries, Spanish authorities have urged people to exercise caution over the Christmas and New Year holidays to avoid spreading the virus.

Meetings were capped at 10 per household on Christmas Eve and Christmas, and the same restriction applies to New Years and New Years.

This is the second state of emergency declared in Spain this year after one in March to contain the first wave of the coronavirus, which lasted until June.

Like most EU member states, Spain launched its coronavirus vaccination campaign on Sunday.

The government expects between 15 and 20 million of the 47 million people to be vaccinated against the virus by June.

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