According to the US Defense Report, China uses Pakistan for military logistics facilities


China has increased its bilateral and multilateral engagement with foreign militaries, including Pakistan


In its annual report to Congress on “Military and Security Developments with the Participation of the People’s Republic of China 2020”, the US Department of Defense stated that Pakistan was one of the countries selected by Beijing for “military logistics facilities”.

According to the Department of Defense report released last week, the PRC is aiming to build robust logistics and basic infrastructure overseas so that the PLA can project and maintain military power at greater distances.

“Beyond its current base in Djibouti, the PRC is very likely already considering and planning additional overseas military logistics facilities to support naval, air and ground forces. The PRC likely has PLA military logic facilities in Myanmar, Thailand, Singapore , considered. Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Kenya, Seychelles, Tanzania, Angola and Tajikistan, “the report said.

The ministry went on to say that China’s One Belt, One Road (OBOR) projects in Pakistan, dealing with pipelines and port construction, are designed to reduce Beijing’s reliance on transporting energy resources through strategic bottlenecks like the Malacca Strait.

“In support of its national strategy, the PRC is pursuing a number of objectives through OBOR, including strengthening its territorial integrity, increasing its energy security and expanding its international influence. Given that the party supports the security and development interests of the PRC views as complementary, the PRC is taking advantage of this OBOR invests in projects along the western and southern periphery of China to improve stability and reduce threats along the borders. Likewise, OBOR intends to undertake projects related to pipelines and the construction of ports in Pakistan to reduce China’s reliance on energy resource transportation by reducing strategic bottlenecks like the Strait of Malacca, “the department said.

China’s Pentic Support Force (SSF) operates tracking, telemetry and command stations in Namibia, Pakistan and Argentina, according to the Pentagon.

In addition, China has stepped up its bilateral and multilateral engagement with foreign militaries, including Russia, Pakistan and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), as it will enhance the PLA’s ability to organize and manage combined operations that integrate foreign forces.

“The PRC is using multilateral forums and international organizations to create new opportunities to expand its influence, strengthen its political influence, promote strategic messaging that portrays it as a responsible global actor, promotes its development interests, and outside interference and criticism against their initiatives limited. ” “said the report.

“To this end, the PRC has incorporated multilateral organizations such as Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the African Union, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, as well as forums and initiatives such as the forum on cooperation between China and Africa, the cooperation forum between China and the Arab states, the “17 + 1” initiative between China and 17 Central and Eastern European countries and the Belt and Road Forum, “says the report.

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