Akshay Kumar didn’t see the “elephant poop tea” coming


Bear Grylls and Akshay Kumar in a still from the show. (Image courtesy: Youtube)


  • Akshay’s eyes lit up at the mention of a new challenge: Bear Grylls.
  • Akshay Kumar described Bear Grylls as a “real hero”
  • PM Modi and Rajinikanth have also appeared on the adventure show.

New Delhi:

Actor Akshay Kumar shared the trailer for an upcoming episode of Into the Wild with Bear Grylls, in which he explores nature with British adventurer Bear Grylls. “I envisioned difficult challenges before Into the wild … but Bear Grylls completely surprised me with the elephant poop tea. What a day, “the 52-year-old actor tweeted. In the trailer, the Khiladi Star and Bear Grylls explore the Bandipur Tiger Reserve, cross crocodile-infested rivers, and much more. A scene where Akshay and Bear Grylls drink the infamous elephant poop tree also appears in the trailer – Bear Grylls dumps it after distracting Akshay. In the trailer, Akshay describes himself and the “reel hero” while saying that Bear Grylls is a “real hero”. Akshay added: “All this adventure, I will remember it for the rest of my life.”


Speaking about the show, Akshay Kumar, who is known for his action-packed roles and adventurous personality, told ANI news agency that it is different from being on the set of a movie, adding that “the feeling of realism is overwhelming. ” He said: “I have always admired Bear Grylls for his energy, passion and what he has stood for all these years. It was a humbling experience to be with him in the wild as he developed one challenge after another. It is different there, in comparison. With movie sets, since there is no backing, that feeling of realism is very overwhelming. “

Bear Grylls, in turn, had a lot to say about Akshay: “I did my homework before I met Akshay and I knew he was a superstar, but what impressed me the most during the time we spent together was his humility, his easy way tackling. deep down, he’s still that guy next door. There are many commonalities between the two of us, including a passion for fitness, dedication to family, etc., I really enjoyed being with him … The eyes Akshay’s lit up at the mention of a new challenge and believe me, not many celebrities, around the world, have reacted so warmly to some difficult tasks that I can conjure up. “

Before Akshay Kumar, Prime Minister Narendra Modi appeared on the Bear Grylls show; that episode generated historically high ratings for the infotainment genre. The ePisode with the southern star Rajinikanth was the second highest rated show in genre.

Into the Wild with Bear Grylls featuring Akshay Kumar will premiere on September 11 on the Discovery Plus App and on September 14 on the Discovery Channel.


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