Aly Goni and Abhinav Shukla fight for Rahul Vaidya


Bigg Boss 14 Day 81 Update: A still from the house. (Image courtesy: ColorsTV )


  • Vikas Gupta went back into the house.
  • Arshi accused Captain Rubina of siding with Vikas
  • Nikki Tamboli confessed that she likes Aly Goni

New Delhi:

Finally, Vikas Gupta reentered the big boss house to change the game. He was kicked off the show earlier this month after he shoved Arshi Khan into a pool during an assignment. Vikas’s entrance came as a surprise to Arshi, who then tried to start a conversation with him by offering him a cup of tea. In another part of the house, Nikki Tamboli confessed that she likes Aly Goni. He talked about his feelings when Rakhi Sawant said that Aly and Jasmin are romantically involved. Nikki said they are not and said they only share a bond of friendship. She added that she’s not in love with Aly, but that she likes her in a way.

Around noon, Arshi accused Captain Rubina of siding with Vikas. While arguing with Rubina, Sonali Phogat entered the house as a new contestant.

Later, Bigg Boss announced a new captaincy assignment. A hot air balloon was placed in the garden area and the contestants were asked to enter one by one after Bigg Boss announced their names. According to the task, the housemates outside the balloon will put a sack with the name of the candidate they want to nominate on it.


Jasmin was the first to enter the balloon. During homework, things got ugly between Aly and Abhinav, who were close friends. They had a fight over Rahul Vaidya. Before the assignment, Aly made it clear that she will support Rahul because she wants to see him as the Captain. Abhinav disagreed with this and said that under no conditions will he allow Aly to support Rahul. He also reminded Aly that she has supported him in the past and hopes she will return the favor during chores.

Watch this space for more updates on Bigg Boss 14.


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