Amitabh Bachchan is “Back To The Grind”. Except him, “Everyone seems ready for a heist”


Amitabh Bachchan shared this photo (courtesy Mr Bachchan)


  • Big B shared some glimpses of his day at work on his official blog.
  • On Instagram, she wrote that she had a five-hour session on Thursday.
  • “Tomorrow to KBC,” he wrote Thursday night.

New Delhi:

Amitabh Bachchan, who recovered from COVID-19 last month, cannot stay without work, and so it is not surprising that he had a five-hour session on Thursday and is eager to meet his work commitments for today. Bachchan’s enthusiasm for returning to work after months spilled onto Instagram when he exclaimed, “Yooo … hooo!” The 77-year-old actor, in his Instagram post, shared just a glimpse of his Thursday routine, which somehow looked like this: “Back to routine and to work … 4 campaign movies … 5 outfit changes … 4 still shoot … 5 hours a day. ” Big B being Big Badded this ROFL note to his post: “Aside from me, everyone else seems ready for a ‘heist’ and tomorrow to KBC. “

What Mr. Bachchan meant with his team members ready for a “heist” was best explained in his blog post on Tumblr, in which he wrote “all mask and PPE precautions” they were taken by everyone on the sets while Big B was in front of the cameras.

Addressing messages of concern from fans about Bachchan’s return to work during the coronavirus pandemic, the actor wrote: “Work. Yes, a word that seems to be causing concern to many, concerns of how and where and when and if. , but there is a reassurance of them delivering the schedule that the limited deadlines … precautionary goals achieving … the urgency of the pending must be done. And therefore, it must be done. Of course, there is the question of caution and safety. … but we are all really safe every day. Adverse conditions come from any direction … anytime … yes, the basics must be in place … deliberation to cause personal harm is never a consideration. But I understand the anxiety of the Efs and we must assure them that we are not deliberately running around looking for trouble. “

Apart from returning as host of Kaun Banega CrorepatiNext season, Mr Bachchan has movies like Jhund, Brahmastra and Chehre in their lineup.


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