AUS vs IND: Justin Langer praises disciplined India Bowling, “Great Bowlers” Jasprit Bumrah, Ravichandran Ashwin


The series is flat for now, but Australian coach Justin Langer said on Tuesday that India is clearly well-planned and disciplined, especially in bowling, so far even as they are racing to address the batting issues ahead of the third Test. Thursday in Sydney starts. . When asked about Australia’s low score in the current series and if that’s a concern, Langer mentioned several factors, the biggest of which is India’s deadly accuracy with the ball. Their greatest strength during the last few series has been their discipline. They (India) are so well disciplined … I have enjoyed the last two Tests because the wickets have been a bat and ball match and you have to work a little harder and that’s what Test cricket is all about, ”said Langer at a virtual press conference.

According to Langer, a former lead-out batsman, India has taken a straighter line to some of their batters and has placed their fields accordingly.

“So, I think there’s the factor of the wickets we’ve played on, there’s definitely some seam movement, there was a little bit of swing in both wickets. India has taken a straighter line to some of our batters. fields accordingly, ”he said.

He also praised Indian off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin for his performance so far, saying it’s hard to score fast against big bowlers.

And let’s not rule out Ravi Ashwin, how many did he take – 380 Test wickets? The big bowlers are the ones against whom it’s hard to score and (Jasprit) Bumrah is definitely there right now, Ashwin is there right now. , we are aware of it, ”he said.

“We know how we like to play cricket as Australians, but India is very well planned as you would expect them to have discipline in bowling, the wickets we played on were competitive so we are aware of that and I am here not too stressed about (scoring rate), ”he added.

Langer also said they were addressing concerns about their hitters and were working on strategies to counter the Indian spinners.

“I think we should review our strategies against the Indian spinners. Ashwin bowls really well and we worked hard on that last week,” added the Australian head coach.

While Langer was always effusive in his praise for Bumrah, he also praised the young Native American sailor Mohammed Siraj for his performance in his Melbourne Test debut.

Bumrah is clearly a world class bowler and (Mohammed) Siraj is coming, he’s a very skilled bowler … I thought he (Siraj) bowled really well in his first test match, his debut, so we’re interested in see who’s there comes in as their probably third fast, ”he said.

“We’ve only scored exactly 200 in those second innings (in Melbourne), but when you don’t score more than 200 in Test cricket, you’re looking for ways to improve,” he added.

Langer concluded by saying there was a lot of talent in Australia and it was all about opportunities.


“It’s clear that Davey (David Warner) coming back from an injury is always welcoming your great players back to the team. There is plenty of hitting talent in Australia and of course it’s all about opportunity,” said Langer.

“You fit in six hitters at once, so it’s all about opportunities,” he noted.

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