Australian Batsmen “Less Settled”, some “Unsure of their spot,” said Sachin Tendulkar


The legendary Sachin Tendulkar has played against some of the best Australian teams in his day, but when he looks at their current batting line-up, he feels it is “less regulated” with some “playing for their spots”. After India’s incredible turnaround in the second Test in Melbourne after the Adelaide debacle, Tendulkar spoke with PTI about Australian battership, Ajinkya Rahane’s captaincy, the performances of debutants Mohammed Siraj and Shubman Gill. “When I look at this Australian batting line-up and look at some of the previous lineups, I feel like previous lineups were fixed. Those players fought with a different kind of intention, but this team doesn’t look very solid.” Tendulkar said.

In three completed Australian innings in the first two Tests, the Indian bowlers bundled them for 191, 195 and 200 respectively, something not heard of in the days of Allan Border, Mark Taylor, the Waugh brothers. Or during Ricky Ponting, Matthew Hayden, Damien Martyn, Adam Gilchrist and even Michael Clarke’s time

“In this current Australian team, there are players who are not in good shape and are unsure of their places. In previous teams, those batsmen hit their slots because there was a lot of certainty in their batting line-up,” Tendulkar said. .

One of the highlights of the series so far has been Ravichandran Ashwin’s duels with Steve Smith and Tendulkar, explaining why the senior off-spinner prevailed.

“In the first test, Smith ended up with an arm ball or you can call it a judge who releases Ashwin in a different way. An off-spinner throws a judge who slips off the surface when the fingers are not on top of the ball.”

Tendulkar went on to explain how Ashwin makes the ball spin and bounce.

“In the second test, it wasn’t a slider, but it was the fingers on top of the ball that caused bounce and spin.

Steve Smith played a normal flick to a regulatory off-break that every batsman instinctively does and fielder was brilliantly placed there.

“It was a well-planned ball and wicket from Ashwin. Both are class players, so someone will have a better day and so far Ashwin has won the first two tests.”

Tendulkar was all credit to Rahane’s captain and his changing hundred on a day when it was difficult to hit in cloudy conditions.

“I thought this was a great achievement for our team, the way our team could play and the way Ajinkya led the team. Also when you look at senior cricketers and their contribution, it has been good,” he said.

For someone who has always disapproved of any kind of comparison, Tendulkar did not want to compare the leadership styles of Rahane and Virat Kohli.

“People should not make comparisons with Virat. Ajinkya has a different personality. His intention was aggressive.

“I would like to remind everyone that they are both Indians and they both play for India, so no one comes above India. Team and country are above everything else,” he said.

Rahane’s knock of 112 was a perfect mix of caution and aggression, according to Tendulkar.

“I thought Ajinkya hit brilliantly. He was calm, relaxed and collected. He had aggressive intentions, but aggression was rightly balanced by calm and certainty.

“So he didn’t miss a chance when there was a boundary ball. And if you had to be patient, he was patient. The intention was very good.”

He did not forget to mention the contribution of pace spear point Jasprit Bumrah in the victory.

“In the fast bowling division, Bumrah has taken more responsibility as the leader of the attack and every time the chips run out, he’s pushed himself harder. That’s the mark of a champion bowler,” he said.

The maestro also praised Gill, who played two impressive innings of 45 and 35, and Siraj, who picked five wickets on his debut.

“Shubman looked confident and comfortable. He played some good shots on short pitch things that Australians throw. Someone to go ahead and score 45 and 35, so it’s definitely a good start,” Tendulkar said of the 21-year-old .

He was liberal in his praise for Siraj.

“Let’s not forget how Siraj also bowled. It didn’t occur to me that he played his first test match,” said the man, who played 200 tests.

“The way he threw his first over and then gradually built it up, but it never looked like he was playing his first game. The plans were well thought out. He executed it well. Both debutants felt comfortable with the performance. of their plans. “

One of the main reasons for India’s victory, according to Tendulkar, was the presence of three multidimensional cricketers in the middle and lower middle order.


“Jadeja hit well and it worked. We keep talking about five bowlers, but Rishabh Pant at No. 6, Jadeja at No. 7 and Ashwin at No. 8 with four hundred also helps.”

“That collaboration between Jadeja and Ajinkya was crucial. They added priceless points and that put pressure on them. Also crucial were the points that Pant scored,” he concluded.

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