Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announces a digital business plan to fuel the economic recovery from Covid


Scott Morrison and Treasurer Josh Frydenberg announced the nearly 800 million Australian dollar program.

Canberra [Australia]::

The Australian government has announced a digital business plan that will allow companies to use digital technology to grow their business and create jobs after the coronavirus crisis.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Treasurer Josh Frydenberg announced the nearly A $ 800 million (about $ 566 million) program on Tuesday, saying it would enable more online business in a post-coronavirus world.

The plan will accelerate the expansion of the Australian 5G network and increase the digital capacity of agricultural, manufacturing, mining, logistics and financial services.

According to the Australian report, Australians can start a new business through online government services in 15 minutes instead of waiting days or weeks.

“This year’s budget will help companies recover, rebuild and create more jobs as part of our stimulus plan,” Scott Morrison said in a statement.

“Lots of companies went online quickly when the pandemic hit. They saw a decade of change in months, finding new customers or new methods.

“The plan supports Australia’s economic recovery by removing outdated regulatory barriers, improving small business performance and helping the diffusion of technology across the economy.”

Both Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg have announced that the fiscal 2020/21 budget, which the treasurer will present on October 6, will focus on bringing the unemployment rate in Australia back to pre-pandemic levels.

Josh Frydenberg said Tuesday that investing in the digital economy under the stimulus plan would keep businesses in business and Australians in jobs.

“The Government Digital Business Plan aims to build on this digital transformation of Australian businesses to drive productivity, income growth and job creation,” he said.

“Our digital infrastructure package is expected to increase Australia’s gross domestic product (GDP) by A $ 6.4 billion ($ 4.5 billion) annually through 2024, and it is estimated to be around A $ 1.5 billion ($ 1.06 billion) US dollars) are added to this additional economic activity to flow into Australia every year. ”


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