Barack Obama says he once broke a friend’s nose for using racial fraud


Obama said the hurling of racial slurs is “to assert status above others”. (FILE)


Former US President Barack Obama said Tuesday he broke the nose of a schoolmate after the then-boyfriend used a racist bow during a locker room fight.

According to The Hill, the 44th US President shared the experience with Bruce Springsteen, “Renegades,” on an episode of his Spotify podcast, which was released on Monday (local time).

“Look, when I was in school I had a boyfriend. We played basketball together,” Obama told Born in the USA singer during an extensive conversation about the race.

“And one time we got into an argument and he called me a c —” The Hill quoted Obama as saying about 13 minutes into the episode before joking about his upbringing in Aloha State to the laugh of Springsteen. there are no C — s in Hawaii, right? “

“It’s one of those things that – where he might not even know what ac is – is what he knew: ‘I can hurt you if I say this,'” added Obama.

The country’s first black president added with a laugh, “And I remember slapping his face and breaking his nose. And we were in the locker room.”

“Well done,” remarked Springsteen.

“I explained to him – I said, ‘Never call me that,” Obama recalled.

The former president is believed to have publicly discussed the incident for the first time, The Hill reported.

Hurling racial slurs, he said, amounts to “asserting status over others”.


“‘I can be poor. I can be ignorant. I can be mean. I can be ugly. I can’t like myself. I can be unhappy. But you know what I am not?'” Obama told Springsteen. “I’m not you.”

“This basic psychology, which is then institutionalized, is used to justify the dehumanization of someone, to take advantage of them, to betray them, to steal them, to kill them, to rape them,” The Hill quoted Obama as saying.

“Whatever it is, at the end of the day it really comes down to it. And in some cases it’s as simple as, ‘I’m scared, I’m insignificant and not important. And this thing is what it is I become give me some meaning, “said Obama.

Obama has discussed the ongoing effects of racism on American society on numerous occasions, both in office and since leaving office.

In a 2015 interview, he produced a racist arc to warn that America will not be “cured” of racism. In his comments made following a fatal shooting at a historically black church in South Carolina, Obama said, “It’s not just about not saying politely [the N-word] in public reported The Hill.

“That is not a measure of whether there is still racism or not. It is not just about blatant discrimination. Societies do not wipe out everything that happened 200-300 years ago overnight,” he added.

Spotify podcast entitled “Renegades: Born in the USA”. “Renegades:” is an eight-episode episode that features the dynamic duo who have been friends for over a decade.

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