BCCI AGM to Decide Ratification of IPL Teams, Tax Issues, Cricket Committees: Report


The inclusion of two new IPL franchises, a discussion of the controversial tax exemption demanded by the ICC for global events in India and the formation of several cricket committees will be at the top of the agenda when the BCCI holds its 89th AGM in Ahmedabad on Thursday. The BCCI will also have a new Vice President in Rajiv Shukla, who will be officially taken over after being presented as the unanimous choice. Brijesh Patel also remains the head of the IPL board of directors.

There have been some discussions as to whether BCCI President Sourav Ganguly will be asked about his brand recommendations and the related conflict of interest allegations.

However, it is not clear whether the word would officially prompt him to explain the matter.

The biggest development could be the approval of new IPL teams, but especially from the 2022 edition.

“Right now, if BCCI plans to implement it in 2021, the 10-team IPL will be rushed as the tender process and a mega auction will be difficult to organize in such a short time,” said a senior BCCI- official told PTI on the eve of the meeting.

“It is only reasonable that the approval is passed and the big 94-match tournament will be held in 2022,” he said.

Tax exemptions for World T20

There is only one week left for the BCCI to meet the ICC deadline and give full assurance that the global organization will get full tax exemption for holding the World T20 in October-November, otherwise it will be shifted to UAE.

While exemptions have been prioritized at previous global events, current tax law does not allow for an exemption for a sporting event and it will be interesting to see what the BCCI’s position will be on the matter.

BCCI representative in ICC

BCCI Secretary Jay Shah remains India’s representative to the ICC on various issues, including last year, along with Ganguly.

Cricket in Olympics

If BCCI backs cricket at the Los Angeles Olympics in 2028 it could eventually lose its autonomy as it comes under the purview of the Department of Sports as a national sports federation with constant government intervention.

Various cricket committees


The BCCI has not formed any major cricket sub-committees for a long time. It is clear that a new Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) will be formed to interview candidates for three new selectors.

In addition, the various cricket committees, such as the refereeing committee and the technical committee, will likely also be formed.

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