Belgium seizes 11.5 tons of cocaine on the country’s largest route


The transport had an estimated road value of 450 million euros ($ 525 million). (Representative)


The Belgian police seized 11.5 tons of pure cocaine, which was hidden in a scrap metal container, the prosecutor said on Thursday.

The find was made in the port of Antwerp on October 27, when five scrap metal containers from South America were subjected to a thorough inspection, a statement said.

The transport had an estimated road value of 450 million euros ($ 525 million).

Antwerp is the second largest port of goods in Europe after Rotterdam, but thanks to its close trade ties with South America it is the number one gateway for cocaine to the continent.

Investigators said the containers first landed in the Belgian port of Zeebrugge and then were brought to the port of Antwerp by barge.

The cocaine was hidden in a smaller steel container that was fitted into a larger container.

The ultimate goal was a company that was right across the Dutch border.


After searches in Belgium and the Netherlands, three people were arrested, two in Belgium and one in the Netherlands.

The case is related to a stabbing operation in September and October during which 22 suspects are still being held and three million euros in cash were seized.

Among those arrested were a former head of the gendarmerie and three active police officers.

The city of Antwerp and the neighboring province of Limburg have been hit by a wave of drug-related crime, including hostage-taking, grenade attacks and murders.

In addition to cocaine, Limburg also has secret laboratories that produce synthetic drugs for gangs that are mainly based in the Netherlands.

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