Bishan Singh Bedi “Delhi Cricket’s Bhishma Pitamah”: Arun Jaitley’s Son Amid Row


DDCA president Rohan Jaitley, who described Bishan Singh Bedi as the ” Bisham Pitamah ” of Delhi cricket, said on Monday that the association will request the former Indian spinner to withdraw his demand to remove his name from a booth at the grounds of Feroz Shah Kotla. Bedi had criticized the controversy and corruption-ridden Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA) for choosing to install the statue of an administrator in the stadium rather than an inspirational cricketer, and demanded that his name be taken from one of the Kotla stands would be removed.

Rohan, who recently took over as DDCA president, said he would have preferred Bedi to discuss the matter with him personally and not make “under the belt” comments to his father, who died last year due to multiple health problems.

DDCA went ahead and unveiled the statue on Monday.

“Bedi ji is the ‘Bhisham Pitamah’ of Delhi cricket. If there are any reservations there are better ways to argue. I am a young person and I expect to be accompanied by the elders in the brotherhood. His name in the stands. is his legacy, an honor bestowed on him, ”Rohan said after the unveiling ceremony.

“These matters must be decided by the Apex Council. It is not in my domain. It is not in my power to delete anyone’s name. We have discussed it within the DDCA. We are going to ask him to reconsider it. It has been a long bond between the DDCA and Mr. Bedi. “

When asked whether it is really important to DDCA whether Bedi’s name remains on the stands of the Kotla site, Rohan said “yes”.

“It matters, I want his name there. I resect him just as much as my dad, if he wants to scold me, he can pull my ear, but you can’t slap if you don’t have to.

“Blaming (casting) someone who is not among us is not fair. If there were reservations, I would have spoken to the media rather than heard.

Rohan said the decisions to rename the stadium to Aun Jaitley Stadium and the installation of his father’s statue were made before he became DDCA president.

“There are ways to deal with the grievances. If you start attacking someone who has just stepped into the office … I will do my best to regain the glory of DDCA. I cannot take it from one place to another. day do, it will take some time., ”he said.

Rohan shares his vision for DDCA and said players will be at the center of all development.


“World-class infrastructure for players and members, a world-class gym will be there in the coming months. We are upgrading the cricket infrastructure, the new lights are being planned. We are already communicating with the DDA about setting up academies. Two areas have already been identified.

“We are trying to introduce a more transparent system. Development plans will begin. The old clubhouse has problems, we are already communicating with IIT Delhi to rectify this.”

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