British Prime Minister Boris Johnson leads the emergency meeting on Covid Travel, Freight


Boris Johnson will lead an emergency meeting on Monday. (FILE)


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will chair an emergency meeting on Monday to discuss international travel, particularly the flow of cargo to and from the UK, a spokeswoman for his office said on Sunday.

On the previous Sunday, several European countries began closing their doors to travelers from the UK after the country tightened COVID restrictions in London and southern England to curb the spread of a new strain of the coronavirus.

France said it would lock down all people coming from the UK for 48 hours starting Sunday evening, including freight companies, whether by road, air, sea or rail. The UK port of Dover said its ferry terminal is closed.

“The Prime Minister will chair an Emergency Response (COBR) meeting tomorrow to discuss the situation regarding international travel, particularly the steady flow of goods to and from the UK. Further meetings will be held tonight and tomorrow morning to ensure robustness Plans are in place, “said the spokeswoman.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps urged the British, especially freight forwarders, not to travel to ports in Kent, southern England, and warned on Twitter that “we expect significant disruption in the region”.

The travel restrictions come at a tough time for many UK companies holding last minute supplies before December 31st, as a transition to the status quo with the European Union ends and new customs regulations come into effect.

Doug Bannister, general manager at the Port of Dover, told Reuters earlier this month that Europe’s largest trucking port had already seen near-record levels of trade.

Businesses and industry associations had lobbied to get their US workers to get the vaccines immediately after health professionals and long-term care residents.

Meanwhile, FedEx Corp and United Parcel Service Inc trucks have started collecting the cans from warehouses for delivery to hospitals and other locations.

The Moderna vaccine vials were dispensed at the facility of pharmaceutical services company Catalent Inc in Bloomington, Indiana. Distributor McKesson Corp supplies cans from facilities in places like Louisville, Kentucky and Memphis, Tennessee – near air hubs for UPS and FedEx.

Both FedEx and UPS said deliveries were smooth and everything went exactly as planned.

Regardless, U.S. health officials are monitoring the new strain of COVID-19 emerging in the United Kingdom, U.S. surgeon general Jerome Adams said on Sunday, adding that any mutation shows people need to protect themselves from the novel coronavirus until they are vaccinated.


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and scientists announced on Saturday that the new strain of the virus had increased the number of infections, tightened COVID-19 restrictions on London and the surrounding areas and disrupted the Christmas vacation plans of millions of people.

The variant, which according to official information is up to 70% more transferable than the original, has raised concerns about its wider distribution. Several European countries, including Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands, said they are taking measures to prevent people from arriving from the UK, including flight and train bans.

The distribution of Moderna’s vaccine at more than 3,700 locations in the US will significantly expand the rollout that Pfizer Inc and German partner BioNTech SE began last week.

U.S. COVID-19 vaccination program director Moncef Slaoui said it was most likely the first Moderna vaccine approved by the Food and Drug Administration on Friday, Monday morning.

“We look forward to the vaccine. It will be a little easier to distribute as it doesn’t require as low (a) temperatures as Pfizer,” Slaoui said on CNN.

The US government plans to ship 5.9 million Moderna recordings and 2 million Pfizer recordings this week.

Data from CDC shows that 2.84 million doses have been distributed and 556,208 shots have been administered to date.

The start of delivery of the Moderna vaccine will greatly increase the availability of COVID-19 vaccines as deaths from respiratory disease in the US have reached more than 316,000 in the eleven months since the first documented US cases. (Graphic:

Some states choose Moderna’s recordings for hard-to-reach rural areas because they can be stored in standard temperature refrigerators for 30 days. Pfizers must be shipped and stored at minus 70 degrees Celsius and can only be kept for five days at normal refrigerator temperatures.

Starting doses were given to health professionals. The Walgreens and CVS pharmacies’ programs to distribute the Pfizer vaccine to long-term care facilities are expected to begin Monday.

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