Captaincy Task brings out the worst in Aly Goni


Bigg Boss 14: Aly Goni in a frame of the program. (courtesy: ColorsTV)


  • Bigg Boss announced a new captaincy assignment on Tuesday
  • Bigg Boss added a new twist to the task
  • Contestants could throw two sacks into the pool

New Delhi:

A day after Bigg Boss announced the Captaincy assignment on Tuesday, the contestants were seen battling for the power and immunity they will gain once they win the Captaincy. The task brought out the worst in all contestants, especially Aly Goni. As part of the task, a hot air balloon was placed in the garden area and the contestant had to enter the garden area wisely as Bigg Boss announced their names. According to the task, the housemates outside the balloons had to place four sacks on it with the names of the candidates they wanted to nominate stamped. Aly Goni, who was siding with Rahul Vaidya, was seen fighting Abhinav Shukla and other candidates. When Abhinav and Rubina pointed out that they helped him during the task, Aly said that she will always choose Rahul Vaidya in the game.

To Nikki Tamboli’s surprise, Rahul Vaidya decided to help Arshi Khan instead of her. He had previously said that he would like Nikki to get to the final stage of the assignment. Vikas Gupta, during the course of the game, decided to take Nikki’s sack out of the game. Bigg Boss added a new twist to the game in tonight’s episode. Instead of one sack, the contestants had to throw away two people’s sacks. Aly Goni tried to protect Rahul Vaidya’s sacks for a longer time. He even broke the rules and Bigg Boss reprimanded him. As punishment, the person he was trying to help again, Jasmin Bhasin, for which he was disqualified from the game.


Vikas gupta and Arshi Khan, who have had bitter relationships throughout the game show season, were seen fighting once more during the test. Vikas Gupta returned to the Bigg Boss 14 home in Tuesday’s episode. He was kicked out of the game show for pushing Arshi Khan into a pool after she spoke about Vikas Gupta’s mother on national television.

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