Chancellor Angela Merkel says the EU and the USA will have to work side by side after Biden Victory


Angela Merkel said she looks forward to working with Kamala Harris and Joe Biden. (File)


Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday congratulated the elected US President Joe Biden on his election and called on the European Union and the United States to work “side by side”, but also admitted that the EU must do more to help theirs to ensure your own safety.

Merkel considered Biden to be an experienced leader who knows Germany and Europe well and emphasized: “We are allies in NATO, we share fundamental values ​​… and interests.”

Seeking to deviate from President Donald Trump’s critical view of Germany, Merkel said the United States and Germany, as part of the EU, must work “side by side” to fight coronavirus, global warming and terrorism, and to promote free trade promote.

Trump previously called Germany “a prisoner in Russia” because he supported a contract with Russia for a gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea, threatened German automakers with high tariffs on cars imported into the US and criticized Berlin for not contributing enough to NATO .

“We Germans and we Europeans know that we have to take on more responsibility in this partnership in the 21st century,” said Merkel.


“America is and will remain our most important ally. But it rightly expects us to make greater efforts to keep our security and stand up for our beliefs in the world,” she added.

Merkel also said that Vice President-elect Kamala Harris was an inspiration to many people and that she looked forward to working with Harris and Biden.

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