China says the US is “abusing power” by pushing TikTok


US TikTok Ban: Donald Trump Claims TikTok Poses National Security Threat (Representative)

Beijing, China:

Beijing on Monday accused the Trump administration of abusing “national power” in attempting to ban TikTok amid a federal court granting a stay of execution to US operations on the video app.

An order from the US government tried to ban new downloads of the Chinese app from midnight (Monday, 0400 GMT) – but to allow the use of Tick ​​tock until November 12th, when all usage would be blocked.

President Donald Trump claims the popular app poses a national security threat and is collecting data for Beijing through Chinese parent company ByteDance – allegations the company vehemently denies.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin described the order as “bullying behavior” and said it was evidence of “using national power to inappropriately suppress other countries’ businesses”.

Instead, the US should “create a fair, equitable, open and non-discriminatory business environment for companies around the world that invest in and operate in the country,” Wang added.

According to China, Trump is heavily arming the company to give up full ownership of a lucrative app – with 100 million US subscribers – to an American rival.

But late Sunday a US federal court issued a restraining order after TikTok attorneys successfully argued that it was a “no-punishment” policy motivated more by politics than real security fears.

Details of the injunction will be sealed by the Washington court for the time being.

US pressure on TikTok is one of the many problems affecting relations between rival powers, spanning technology, defense, human rights and contested seas.

US tech giants have also raised concerns about the precedent a ban on a free internet could set – and the prospect of reprisals against American firms operating in the vast Chinese market.

ByteDance has begun discussing a complex transfer of ownership to Silicon Valley giant Oracle.

A tentative deal announced this past weekend would make Oracle the technology partner for TikTok and the stakeholder of a new company called TikTok Global.

TikTok said Sunday it would “maintain our ongoing dialogue with the government” about the plan, which was tentatively approved by Trump.

However, it was still unclear whether the Beijing deal would be approved, where some see the US as an unjustified appropriation of Chinese technology.

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