Climate change must be combated in an integrated, holistic way


Climate change does not have to be combated in silos, but in an integrated, comprehensive and holistic way: PM Modi

New Delhi / Riyadh:

Climate change does not need to be tackled in silos, but in an integrated, comprehensive and holistic way, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at a G20 event on Sunday, explaining that the whole world could move forward faster if developing countries were given more support from technology and finance .

Speaking at the G20’s “Protecting the Planet” side event, PM Modi said India was not only achieving its Paris Agreement goals, it was exceeding them.

“Inspired by our traditional ethos of living in harmony with the environment and the commitment of my government, India has adopted low-carbon and climate resilient development practices,” he said.

The whole world can move faster when developing countries have more technology and finance support, said PM Modi.


“In order for humanity to thrive, every individual must thrive. Instead of looking at work as a single factor of production, the focus must be on the human dignity of every worker,” said the Prime Minister.

Such an approach would be the best guarantee for the protection of the planet, said PM Modi.


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