Cricket-India’s Ashwin plays down criticism from Chennai pitch


Cricket-India's Ashwin plays down criticism from Chennai pitch

February 16 (Reuters) – India’s spearhead Ravichandran Ashwin dismissed criticism of Chennai’s corner track after his victorious performance secured the host’s victory in the second test against England Tuesday.

India’s three-pronged attack wreaked havoc on the surface where the ball spun in the first session and threw dust on the landing.

Former Australian batsman Mark Waugh called the pitch unacceptable, while former England captain Michael Vaughan described it as a beach.

“I totally agree with people who have an opinion, because we will also have our opinion when we shoot abroad,” Ashwin said on a video conference.

“But we’re not complaining and not making cribs, we just keep going. I’ve never seen any of our older kids talk about lots with lots of grass, or all of that stuff.

“When people express such an opinion, we must respect them, but we must be able to magnanimously deflect them.”

Ashwin showed how to master such runs, shattering a second century of innings to go with his eight-wicket match that won him the player of the match award. It wasn’t like amazing balls had the wickets, it was more the balls following them or the mental game playing, ”said Ashwin.

Many felt India won half the battle after winning the draw and ensuring England had to beat last on a deteriorating track, but local captain Virat Kohli pointed out the score at 286. for India in the second round.

“I don’t think on this pitch it would have mattered so much because if you look at our second runs, on the third day we still applied and almost got 300 points,” Kohli said.

“Both teams had to apply themselves, and that’s what you want in test cricket, whether you are playing on rotating tracks or on stitched tracks that have a lot of grass on it.

“Both teams should be in the game from the first session, and that was exactly the case on this pitch,” Kohli added.


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