Donald Trump has committed “the most serious constitutional crime”: prosecutors


Donald Trump has committed the “most serious constitutional crime,” prosecutors said today.

Washington, United States:

Donald Trump committed the “most serious constitutional crime” of a US president when he called on supporters to storm the Capitol last month, Democratic prosecutors said on Monday, on the eve of his impeachment trial against the Senate.

In their final filing before the 100 Senate judges of Trump, the nine House impeachment executives pursuing the Republican leader also insisted that the case should not be dismissed.

Trump’s attorneys pushed for a dismissal in a document released an hour earlier, saying the Senate was “not empowered” to take action against Trump, who resigned on Jan. 20 because he is no longer a sitting president.

The Democratic managers directly dismissed the argument, saying there was “overwhelming” evidence of criminal crimes and misdemeanors.

“His incitement to revolt against the United States government – which disrupted the peaceful transfer of power – is the worst constitutional crime ever committed by a president,” they said.


“The impeachment article duly alleges a criminal offense under the Constitution, is not subject to petition for dismissal (and) falls under the jurisdiction of the Senate, which sits as the impeachment tribunal,” they wrote.

The five-page filing came as Republicans prepared to circle the cars around the former president to ensure he was acquitted of the only impeachment trial for “inciting insurrection.”

There is also mounting pressure for a speedy conclusion to the process so the Senate can move on to legislative priorities, including President Joe Biden’s massive coronavirus aid package.


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