Donald Trump In Virus-Infested Waters In TIME Magazine’s “Election Plague” Animation


The animation ultimately ends up as the magazine’s latest cover (File)

United States President Donald Trump is shown floating in coronavirus-infested deluge that is  engulfing the White House – the seat of power in the country – in an animation shared by the iconic TIME magazine on Twitter.

The animation ultimately ends up as the magazine’s latest cover. The title of the cover story reads “The Election Plague”, implying it will discuss Mr Trump’s poll challenges triggered by the coronavirus pandemic in the United States.

The animation has been retweeted hundreds of times.

The United States is the worst-hit country with 158,268 deaths from 4,824,175 cases. At least 1,577,851 people have been declared recovered.

The novel coronavirus has killed at least 708,236 people since the outbreak emerged in China last December, news agency AFP reports, adding at least 18,843,580 cases have been registered in 196 countries and territories.

On Wednesday, 6,863 new deaths and 262,116 new cases were recorded worldwide. Based on latest reports, the countries with the most fresh deaths were Brazil with 1,437 new deaths, followed by United States with 1,262.

After cases of coronavirus started to come out in the United States earlier this year, Mr Trump had refused to announce a lockdown, saying it will destroy the country’s economy. He has also been attacking the democrats-ruled states, which have enforced lockdowns to arrest the growth of the virus.

Donald Trump’s opponents allege the President was too late in responding to the coronavirus threat, leading to the worst outbreak of the disease in the world.

Mr Trump, however, maintains the country is doing well in tackling the pandemic.

In this year’s US presidential polls in which Mr Trump is facing the Democratic Party’s candidate, Joe Biden, the coronavirus pandemic and China are among the main talking points.

With inputs from AFP


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