Donald Trump leaves the White House hospital – remove mask immediately


Donald Trump left the hospital after four days of emergency treatment for Covid-19.

Washington, United States:

President Donald Trump left the hospital on Monday after four days of emergency treatment for Covid-19, removed his mask as soon as he reached the White House, and vowed to get back on the field quickly.

Shortly before, Trump had tweeted that Americans, who lost nearly 210,000 people to the virus, had nothing to fear.

A series of TV moments allowed Trump to get the most out of his medical discharge by stepping alone from the large gold-colored front doors of the Walter Reed Military Hospital just outside Washington.

On live TV, he walked over to a limo wearing a mask and gave his thumb up before getting on the nearby Marine One helicopter for a quick flight to the White House – which he left on the Friday after his illness.

When he landed, he walked up the steps to the stately balcony of the south portico and demonstratively took off his mask to greet the departing Marine One.

With less than a month to go until November 3, election day, polls show that Trump lagged behind Democrat Joe Biden and was struggling to catch up with his hospital stay.

The return to the White House was meticulous to show that he was physically fit, while a series of eye-catching tweets demonstrated Trump’s impending political attack – that he personally defeated Covid and will now lead the country on its own comeback.

“Will be back on the Campaign Trail soon !!!” he said in a tweet.

“Do not be afraid of Covid,” he said in another, claiming to feel rejuvenated after his illness.

However, the 74-year-old Republican’s bravery showed on the same day his own chief spokeswoman tested positive for the virus – the latest in a White House outbreak.

And despite his claims of being back in good health, a combination of White House secrecy, conflicting information from officials, and the spread of viruses within his own circle damaged his credibility.

In a hospital briefing, Presidential Doctor Sean Conley said Trump was “back” but also said he would not be “completely out of the woods” for another week.

It wasn’t clear how free Trump would be to navigate the crowded corridors and small office spaces of the White House. However, the facility has its own medical team to monitor the president in the event of a relapse.

Illness about Trump

Despite Trump’s signature claim that Covid-19 shouldn’t be a major problem, polls show it is a major concern for Americans. His broad handling of the crisis this year is also seen as the main reason 77-year-old Biden is on the rise in polls.

The United States has the highest reported toll of any country in the global pandemic.

Press spokesman Kayleigh McEnany highlighted the gap between the reality described by health experts and the defiance of the Trump White House and was the last to announce a positive test result on Monday.

Other positive cases near Trump now include his wife Melania, close adviser Hope Hicks, campaign manager Bill Stepien, two of McEnany’s assistants, according to US media, and more than half a dozen others from among the president inside and outside the White House.

Trump “defeats” Covid single-handedly?

Given the revelations that he avoids paying almost any income tax and a host of other scandals, Trump was already behind Biden by the time he fell ill.

But the greatest responsibility in his struggle for a second term has always been his handling of the pandemic.

For months, Trump appears to have been trying to wish away the disaster and return to his re-election narrative of a strong economy.

Trump now appears ready to claim that he personally defeated the virus when he was quickly released from the hospital – and will do so for the rest of the country as well.

An unofficial White House-themed gift shop announced Monday that it would sell a commemorative coin entitled “President Donald J. Trump Defeats COVID” for $ 100.

And in the New York Post, a supportive columnist described Trump as an “invincible hero who not only survived every dirty trick the Democrats threw on him, but also the Chinese virus.”

Trump retweeted the comments.

Biden gets an advantage

Despite all of Trump’s determination to reassert himself, he has already lost a few precious days on a campaign that revolves heavily around his large-scale rallies and his image of personal strength.

He was scheduled to hold a rally in Florida on the day he announced that he would test positive. The next day, he should have flown to another major battlefield, Wisconsin, ignoring the fact that he was supposed to be gathering in one of the worst coronavirus hotspots in the country.

In the meantime, Biden has continued his slow but steady campaign that has always put health precautions at the fore – a low-key style that Trump described and mocked as weakness just last week. The Democrat was in Florida on Monday.

The upheaval has sparked unusual interest in Wednesday’s television debate between the vice-presidential candidates – Republican Mike Pence and Biden’s choice, Kamala Harris – who will be separated by a plexiglass barrier for the event.

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