Donald Trump pardons 15, including two probe loaded in Russia


Trump has issued a handful of grace grants in his final days in office.

Washington, United States:

U.S. President Donald Trump announced a wave of pardons Tuesday, including two for men pleaded guilty in Robert Mueller’s investigation, Republican allies who had once served in Congress and military contractors who participated in the fatal shooting of Iraqi civilians .

In total, Trump granted grace to 15 people and five commutations announced by the White House Tuesday night, the Hill reported.

The pardon was given to ex-election worker George Papadopoulos, ex-US Congressmen Duncan Hunter and Chris Collins, and the four Blackwater guards involved in the Iraq massacre.

Also included in the game announced on Tuesday is Alex van der Zwaan, the Dutch lawyer who was sentenced to 30 days in prison after pleading guilty to lying to Müller investigators

In addition, Trump reversed the verdict of Steve Stockman, a former Republican Congressman convicted in 2018 of money laundering, conspiracy and other charges related to a program to defraud nonprofit donors.


Trump has issued a handful of grace grants in his final days in office.

Late last month, Trump pardoned Michael Flynn, his former national security adviser, who was also charged in connection with Mueller’s investigation.

The pardon came when the Justice Department attempted to withdraw his case against Flynn, who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his contacts with the Russian ambassador, which brought his case to a dramatic end.


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