Donald Trump stops the deportation of Venezuelans for 18 months


Donald Trump signed an order suspending the deportation of Venezuelans from the United States for 18 months


On his last night at the White House, outgoing President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Tuesday suspending the deportation of Venezuelans from U.S. territory for a period of 18 months, citing the ongoing crisis in their own country.

“I have found that it is in the foreign policy of the United States to postpone the removal of a Venezuelan national or a non-national who has recently habitually lived in Venezuela,” said the Trump-signed executive for 18 months.

The move was fueled by the president’s Republican allies in Florida, where many Venezuelans settled after fleeing the economic collapse and political turmoil in their homeland, ruled by a socialist regime for more than two decades.


The Miami Herald said the order could help up to 200,000 Venezuelans living at risk of incarceration and deportation.

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