Don’t rely too much on U.S. coronavirus intelligence, says WHO mission member Peter Daszak


President Joe Biden “must see China hard,” said expert Peter Daszak in a tweet


A member of the WHO mission in China investigating the origins of the coronavirus pandemic threw a slap on the subject at U.S. intelligence on Wednesday after the State Department expressed doubts about the transparency of its probe.

President Joe Biden “has to see China hard,” said expert Peter Daszak in a tweet at the end of the mission, adding: “Please don’t rely too much on US information: increasingly resolved under Trump and openly wrong on many issues. “

The WHO mission in China ended without finding the source of the coronavirus, which has killed more than 2.3 million people worldwide.

The experts had to walk a diplomatic balancing act, with the United States calling for a “robust” investigation prior to departure and warning China against politicizing the problem.

When they finished, mission team member Daszak tweeted that they “work tirelessly in a politically charged environment.”

He later issued the extraordinary tweet related to Biden, which delved directly into the soupy geopolitics that covers the genesis of the pandemic.


Dasak’s comments were linked to an article referring to comments by the US State Department that cast doubt on the transparency of China’s cooperation with the WHO mission.

Beijing is desperate to defuse criticism of its handling of the chaotic early stages of the outbreak. Former US President Donald Trump often blamed China and reiterated a controversial theory that a laboratory leak could have been the cause of the pandemic.

The WHO team also concluded that the theory of a failed laboratory experiment was “extremely unlikely” while introducing new avenues of investigation, in line with China’s view that it may have come from overseas or may have been spread through frozen foods.

Although the virus origins were not found a year after the pandemic started, the team of foreign experts agreed that the virus likely jumped from bats to an unknown species before it was transmitted to humans.

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