EU parliamentarians support patent proposal for Covid vaccines between India and South Africa


EU parliamentarians support patent proposal for Covid vaccines between India and South Africa


Members of the European Parliament have supported a joint proposal by India and South Africa to repeal intellectual property rights for COVID-19 vaccine patents.

In a letter to the leaders of the European Union on Wednesday, 14 members of the European Parliament (MEPs) called for a moratorium on the suspension of Covid-19 vaccine patents.

The letter accessed by ANI was addressed to the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, President of the Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, High Representative, Josep Borrel, EU Trade Commissioner, Valdis Dombrovskis and EU Commissioner for Health and Nutrition Safety, Stella Kyriakides.

The letter was sent by the following MPs: Andrea Cozzolino, Maria Arena, Eva Kaili, Alex Agius Saliba, Boguslaw Liberadzki, Tiemo Wölken, Milan Brglez, Patrizia Toia, Irene Tinagli, Pierfrancesco Majorino, Pina Picierno, Giuliano Pisapia, Massimiliano Smeriglio, Francois

MEPs said: “South Africa and India have submitted a joint proposal to the World Trade Organization seeking an exemption from patents and other intellectual property rights related to drugs, vaccines, diagnostics, personal protective equipment and other medical technologies during the pandemic and this proposal demanded is still pending. “

They added: “We call on the European Union to evaluate the adoption of a moratorium that will allow the suspension of patents and the exchange of technology, data and know-how, and allow generic drug manufacturers to help increase global availability, including through Support for proposal from India and South Africa to the WTO. “

In October last year, India and South Africa jointly issued a communication on the Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Agreement (TRIPS) entitled “Waiver of Certain Provisions of the TRIPS Agreement to Prevent, Control and Treat COVID-19”.


The proposal calls for WTO members to be granted an exemption so that they do not have to implement, apply or enforce certain obligations related to COVID-19 products and technologies.

“Internationally there is an urgent call for global solidarity and the unhindered global exchange of technology and know-how so that we can react quickly to dealing with COVID-19 in real time,” said the joint message from India and South Africa to the WTO’s TRIPS .

“In these exceptional circumstances, we request the Council for TRIPS to recommend to the General Council as early as possible a waiver of the transposition, application and enforcement of Sections 1, 4, 5 and 7 of Part II of the TRIPS Agreement in relation to the Prevent, contain or treat COVID-19, “it added.

MEPs also called on the EU “as a member of the WTO, subject to an appropriate legal act, to evaluate the granting of a compulsory license for the manufacture of Covid-19 vaccines to authorities or a generic manufacturer in accordance with TRIPS and the Doha Declaration.”

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