EU to curb UK travelers on Covid at end of Brexit transition


(Bloomberg) – The UK is set to join the US, Canada and most other countries whose residents are unwanted visitors to the European Union because they have not sufficiently contained the outbreak of coronavirus.

EU governments are not making any changes to their joint travel “white list” in the period immediately preceding Britain’s planned departure from the European single market on Friday, according to an official familiar with the matter.

This is when the post-Brexit transition comes to an end and the UK begins to be treated by the EU like any other country outside the bloc.

The EU is currently recommending that member states allow residents of only eight countries to travel without restriction. Listing requires a decision from EU governments and is based on viral trends, which are on the rise in the UK The eight are: Australia, China, Japan, New Zealand , Rwanda, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand.

As EU states set their own entry conditions, the 27-member group has sought a coordinated approach to limit external access while keeping internal borders open. The UK, which left the EU on January 31, was effectively treated as a member during the Brexit transition period.

The EU recommended on July 1 that member states allow foreign visitors from 15 countries as part of a move to ease coronavirus-triggered restrictions imposed in mid-March on non-essential travel to the bloc .

Since then, Serbia, Montenegro, Algeria, Morocco, Canada, Tunisia, Georgia and Uruguay have been delisted and Singapore has been added. The EU normally revises its list every two weeks or so, the most recent change being Uruguay’s withdrawal in mid-December.

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