Events that cause Facebook to no longer befriend Australian news outlets


The publishers lined up to express their surprise that Facebook, led by Mark Zuckerberg, had taken such action.


Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Friday pledged to press ahead with laws to force Facebook Inc to pay news for content. He said he received support from world leaders after the social media giant blackened all media.

Here is a timeline of how events have developed over the past few years.

July 2017 – The Australian competition regulator, in its investigation into digital platforms, recommended a voluntary code to address the bargaining power imbalance between major digital platforms – Google and Facebook – and media companies.

December 2017 – The watchdog – Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) – said it would investigate whether Alphabet Inc’s U.S. online giants Facebook and Google have disrupted the news media market to the detriment of publishers and consumers.

July 2019 – Australia announced plans to create the world‘s first police office for Facebook and Google as part of reforms to contain the US tech giants.

December 2019 – The government directed the ACCC to work with both news and digital platform companies to develop a voluntary code.

April 2020 – The government directed the ACCC to draft a binding code after the regulator said it was “unlikely for companies to reach a voluntary settlement” and COVID-19 put pressure on the Australian media sector

July 2020 – The ACCC has published a draft law for the media negotiation code.

July 2020 – Australian treasurer Josh Frydenberg says the country will force Facebook and Google from Alphabet Inc. to pay Australian media for news content.


August 2020 – Google criticized proposed Australian antitrust laws that the free search service was “at risk” and that users’ personal information could be disclosed if news organizations were paid for their content.

September 2020 – Facebook said it would discourage Australians from sharing news content on their platforms if a proposal to pay local media for their content becomes law.

September 2020 – The ACCC says that if it stops Australians from sharing messages, Facebook will be “weakened” so the company doesn’t have to pay for content under the proposed laws.

December 2020 – The News Media Negotiation Act 2020 was brought to Parliament with the intention of forcing the major digital platforms ~ CHECK ~ Google and Facebook ~ CHECK ~ to pay Australian media companies to use news content.

February 2021 – Google contracts with media companies like NewsCorp to pay for journalism.

February 2021 – The code of negotiation for news media, supported by both parties, clears the House of Representatives.

February 2021 – Facebook blocks news feeds in Australia in a surprising escalation of the dispute with the government, deleting pages from Australian state governments and charities, as well as national and international news organizations.

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