“Flying” electric speedboat makes its debut on the Swiss lakes


The carbon fiber boat also carries an on-board computer (Reuters)

Lucerne, Switzerland:

The world‘s first electrically powered hydrofoil speedboat that reduces energy consumption and noise as well as seasickness by “flying” over the waves made its debut on the Swiss lakes.

The Candela Seven can reach speeds of 55 km / h when its foils lift it out of the water. Manufacturers say it goes further and quieter than other electric boats.

The films reduce water friction – and the effect of waves hitting the boat – and reduce energy consumption by 80% compared to normal diesel-powered boats and extend the range of the vehicle to 90 km.

The carbon fiber boat also has an on-board computer that automatically adjusts the film positions 100 times per second to reduce rolling and seasickness.

“Because we don’t make waves, have no bumps or bumps and you really have a quiet and smooth ride,” said Swiss importer Christian Vogel to Reuters.

Until now, electric boats have tended to sacrifice either speed or range due to the capacity limits of their batteries.

The Candela Seven celebrated their Swiss debut this week on Lake Lucerne. Candela Speed ​​Boat was hoping to make new business with a European tour. The Stockholm-based company has delivered 16 boats since last year.

The boat, which costs around 250,000 euros, would be a good match for Swiss seaside cities such as Zurich, Lucerne and Geneva, Vogel said.

“People could use it to commute across lakes or day trips,” he said. “From an environmental point of view, you can drive this with a clear conscience and it’s great fun.”

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