France tightens incest laws, says Emmanuel Marcron after the book sparked outrage


Macron also said better psychological help would be provided for incest victims.


France will tighten its incest laws, President Emmanuel Macron said in a series of tweets on Saturday after the publication of a book accusing a political commentator from France of molesting his stepson sparked outrage across the country.

Macron said on his Twitter account that France needs to adapt its laws to better protect children from sexual violence and that he has asked the Justice Minister to open a consultation to come up with legislative proposals quickly.

“We will follow up the attackers,” said Macron.

Macron said France had already increased the statute of limitations on incest to 30 years from the legal age of the majority of the victim and tightened controls on people who work with children, but he said much more needs to be done.

He said that as part of the current routine medical examinations for children, France would introduce sessions on incest in elementary and secondary schools to give children the opportunity to speak about the issue.

He also said better psychological help for incest victims would be provided and reimbursed by Social Security.

In the past few weeks, hundreds of people have shared their incest stories on social media after the book was published accusing French professor and constitutional specialist Olivier Duhamel of molesting his stepson.


The book was written by Duhamel’s step-daughter Camille Kouchner, the daughter of the former Foreign Minister and founder of the NGO Medecins Sans Frontieres Bernard Kouchner.

Duhamel resigned earlier this month as head of Sciences Po, one of France’s top universities, after the book was published.

“As I am the subject of personal attacks and want to preserve the institutions in which I work, I have put an end to my functions,” he said on Twitter on January 4th.

Neither Duhamel nor his attorney have commented on the 1980s allegations.

University Minister Frederique Vidal has ordered an inspection at Sciences Po to determine responsibilities and possible shortcomings.

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