French broadcaster France 24 calls for withdrawal of footage in Trump Campaign clip


Donald Trump’s election campaign in France used 24 reports of the recent public unrest in Minneapolis (file).


The broadcaster France 24 on Saturday called for the withdrawal of footage from one of its reports on a US demonstration, which was included in a US election campaign clip of Donald Trump.

Marie-Christine Saragosse, director of France Medias Monde, which oversees the state media, said the 24/7 news channel France 24 was “shocked to discover the unauthorized use of images”, according to one of its reports during the recent one evidencing public unrest in Minneapolis.

“France 24 is fundamentally against the use of its images in partisan clips and is outraged that its images have been reworked and their meaning distorted, which seriously undermines the journalistic work of its teams and its intellectual property,” he told Zaragoza.

She added that the broadcaster is calling for the images to be retrieved immediately and is discussing whether legal action should be taken if that request is not met.

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