Gandhian Spirit will be called when the UK hits the vaccination target for nursing homes


Life-saving shocks have been offered to people living in more than 10,000 nursing homes, according to the NHS.


The Gandhian spirit of protecting the most vulnerable people in society is asserted by health officials as the UK achieved its goal of a majority of nursing home residents and workers on Monday as part of its COVID-19 program of gradual vaccination deliver life-saving shocks.

Ian Turner, Executive Chairman of the Registered Nursing Home Association – the country’s national association representing the interests of nursing homes, thanked the government-funded National Health Service (NHS) and all the scientists and researchers who made this possible for the part of British society that is most at risk of death from COVID-19 and now has some protection against the disease.

“As Mahatma Gandhi said, ‘The real measure of any society is how it deals with its weakest,’ and the pandemic has brought that quote to the fore,” Turner said, referring to the phasing-in of the vaccination program.

“On behalf of all residents of the elderly care homes, their families and those who continued to care and support them through the pandemic, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all those involved in the vaccination program, scientists and researchers, those who participated in and carried out the studies , from regulators and vaccine manufacturers to all of the NHS vaccination teams wherever they work, we’d like to thank them for their exceptional work over the past few months, “he said.

The NHS said nurses, general practitioners, and other NHS staff offered the life-saving push to people living in more than 10,000 nursing homes with elderly residents, with only a small residual visit from local public health directors postponed for safety reasons during a local Outbreak.

The UK Joint Committee of Vaccinations and Immunizations (JCVI) was responsible for setting the priority groups for the Covid vaccines and had identified elderly care home residents and their staff as high priority groups as they were at particular risk due to COVID-19 were their age and weakness.


NHS England offered up to £ 30 additional GPs in January to vaccinate nursing home residents to cover the increased time and logistics required to get the vaccine to nursing homes.

“It was a privilege to vaccinate some of the most vulnerable people and the wonderful people who care for them. Many had little contact with the outside world during the pandemic, so it was really humbling for everyone, gave them hope and especially protection from the disease, “said Dr. GP Nikki Kanani, NHS England Primary Service Director, urged everyone to get in touch with the NHS for their free shots.

Now that the majority are covered by at least one of the Oxford / AstraZeneca two-dose vaccines, the focus is on expanding the spread of the first doses as well as giving the second booster doses within a few weeks.

The UK government’s goal is to vaccinate nursing home residents and workers, people over 70 and frontline carers by February 15.

Meanwhile, another 587 virus deaths were reported on Sunday, bringing the UK’s COVID-19 death toll to 106,158 as the country continues to strictly stay at home to keep control of a very high infection rating.


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