GlaxoSmithKline Head Optimistic COVID-19 Vaccine Widespread in 2021


GSK supplies adjuvants, potency enhancers that play an important role in many vaccines.


The executive director of GlaxoSmithKline, the world‘s largest manufacturer of vaccines, said she was optimistic that the industry could offer large-scale vaccination against COVID-19 in the next year.

“I share the optimism that we will have solutions next year. The challenge is to get to the scale required,” said Emma Walmsley, CEO of GSK, at an online event organized by the Federation of British Industries (CBI) on Tuesday.

GSK is introducing adjuvants, efficacy enhancers that play an important role in many vaccines, in several development alliances for potential future vaccines against the novel coronavirus, which has killed more than a million people worldwide.

The group’s most advanced project is with French partner Sanofi and the two have announced that they hope to get approval for their candidate next year.

Walmsley stressed that the industry’s unprecedented speed in developing a vaccine did not compromise safety, as the trials were no smaller than usual and regulators and companies took parallel steps that were previously done sequentially.

“We are cutting the deadlines that can take 10 years into two years. However, people should feel very reassured that the way we do this is (due to) an entirely different level of cooperation with regulators,” said the CEO.

“We are putting our funds at risk, governments have put funds at risk so that we don’t limit what is really important in a vaccine trial,” she added.

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