Google starts countdown to 2021 with this adorable doodle


oogle has already started the New Years Eve party with his cute and adorable doodle.

New Delhi:

As we begin the final countdown to 2021, it will be time to say goodbye to 2020, a year that has tested us in several ways. Today is December 31st, the last day of the year celebrated as New Year’s Eve worldwide. Google has already started the celebration with their cute and adorable doodle.

This time around, Google designed their vacation doodle with an old-fashioned birdhouse clock that says 2020. The scribble also contains other letters from “Google” that are brightly decorated with fairy lights.

Aside from this cute display, Google also has a message for its users: “Happy New Year! It was a cuckoo year, but the clock is ticking for 2020. The countdown begins now and when the clock strikes midnight, a new year will spread its wings ! “


In addition, Google added a little extra flair to our celebrations with some New Year’s confetti. If you search for New Years Eve in Google or click the doodle that will take you straight to that search, you’ll see a knowledge window on the right with an animated confetti cone ready to pop. Just click on it and the confetti will show up in all search results. Ain’t it amazing

We wish you a safe New Year’s Eve!


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