Google Unions form a global alliance with 20 million employees


“The problems with Alphabet … are not confined to one country,” the union said. (Representative)

Google employees from around the world form a union alliance weeks after employees of search giant and other entities at parent company Alphabet Inc. formed a union for US and Canadian offices.

UNI Global Union, which represents around 20 million workers worldwide, said Monday it helped found Alpha Global, Google’s trade union alliance that includes several countries including the US, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and the UK. (

Alpha Global will fight for the rights of Alphabet’s full-time employees, as well as temporary workers, suppliers and contract workers, UNI Global said.

“The problems with Alphabet … are not restricted to one country and need to be addressed on a global basis,” said UNI Secretary General Christy Hoffman.

Alphabet did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


After years of protests against working conditions and business practices, 200 Google employees founded the Alphabet Workers Union, a so-called “minority union”, in early January.

Under US labor law, Alphabet can ignore union demands until a majority of workers support them.

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