Google will stop using Apple’s iPhone user tracking tool and avoid warnings


Google is currently developing alternatives for customers, but they may not be immediately available.

Google’s iPhone apps like Maps and YouTube no longer use Apple Inc’s tool to personalize ads, and avoid a new Apple alert notifying users that their browsing is being followed.

The announcement in a blog post on Wednesday by the Alphabet Inc unit comes just before Apple is expected to enforce new rules for tracking transparency.

For years, Apple has offered apps a unique identifier (IDFA) that they can use to connect the same user across multiple programs. The code can be important in determining who to show an ad to and to keep track of whether they were asked to buy.

However, Apple announced earlier this year that apps would have to display a one-time pop-up message in order to get their consent to access their IDFA.

Facebook Inc and other app makers are concerned that the warning could discourage users from signing up and crippling ad sales.

Since users of Google apps are usually signed in, there is a tracking alternative to IDFA, so the core business of ads is unlikely to be affected by Apple’s changes.

However, his blog post warned that publishers and advertisers who rely on their mobile ad software will get weaker results without IDFA access.

Google is currently developing alternatives for customers, but they may not be immediately available.


Google added that customers can use their software regardless of whether or not they view the popup and get the required consent, and it doesn’t make recommendations about what to do.

According to Apple, apps that don’t use IDFA will still need to get user permission when serving and measuring ads based on data from other companies.

To ensure this, Google’s iPhone apps will no longer use data from so-called third parties to personalize ads.

Facebook announced last month that it would display the popup to get user consent.

“Apple made it clear that if we don’t use Apple’s prompt, Facebook will be blocked from the App Store, which would only cause further damage to the people and businesses who rely on our services every month,” it said.

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