Here’s Why Hazel Keech’s Face Is A Purple Shade Of Tomato Red


Hazel Keech shared this on her Instagram story (courtesy hazelkeechofficial)


  • Hazel Keech shared a selfie on her Instagram story
  • “I’ve found a new shade of tomato red,” she wrote
  • “20 km cycle done,” she added

New Delhi:

Actress Hazel Keech, who recently wrote about starting exercising “from scratch”, shared a purple-faced and exhausted-looking selfie on her Instagram story. She added an ROFL caption to describe her photo, revealing the reason with gifs and a hashtag. “I’ve found a new shade of tomato red. It’s called purple,” Hazel wrote for her selfie and added this hashtag to it: “#20kmcycledone.” Hazel may be tired and tomato red-faced but she’s still high in spirits as she flashed the victory sign. LOL. That’s some major cycling motivation, folks. Here, take a look at Hazel Keech’s Instagram story here:


Screenshot of Hazel Keech’s Instagram story

Last month, Hazel wrote a lengthy note about re-starting her exercise schedules after a long gap – she underwent nose surgery last year. She wrote about having “struggled” during months of “recovery”: “Just what the doctor prescribed! A dose of happiness mixed with rain and cycling! I’ll be honest, although I’m smiling in this photo, I was also dying,” she captioned her post from her first day of cycling after a hiatus. “It’s been a very long road of recovery for me over many months and this is the first day I am exercising, which means this was a real struggle. But I also know, like anyone else who has to start from scratch again, that this will most likely be the hardest day,” she added in her post.

In April last year, Hazel Keech revealed she had been MIA on social media because of a nose surgery. Hazel revealed that she had a nose surgery earlier that year after experiencing difficulty in breathing for a prolonged period. In her post, Hazel wrote, as a result of the surgery, she hasn’t been able to work-out and gained a few extra kilos – something that made her avoid posting pictures of herself on social media.

I’ve not posted in a while so i thought i would fill you in on where Ive been hiding (those of you who were wondering)… A month ago i had a surgery to fix my nose- for as long as i can remember ive struggled to breath through my nose, although not a serious health issue, a chronic one that i just learnt to live with… Lucky enough for me it annoyed my mother-in-law so much that she finally took me to a hospital, ???????? because of which we came to know just how much internal damage there was and understood the problem! So thanks to her i have a new nose????????(internally) and for the first time in my life i can now breath freely and easily. Due to the surgery i’ve not been active or able to exercise yet, so I’ve put on some weight hence staying away from social media! But fuck it, here i am, better than ever, breathing happily, all thanks to my mother in law who’s receiving blessings from me everyday because finally, finally I CAN BREATHE!!!! It goes to show you, you never know what can lead to where, the things we live with and consider “normal” and sometimes it takes annoying someone to have the best outcome!!!! Love you Shabo! Happy belated mothers day ❤️

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Last year, Hazel Keech had also opened up about battling depression and bulimia (an eating disorder) a decade ago in her post about the #10YearChallenge.

Hazel Keech got married former cricketer Yuvraj Singh in December 2016. Hazel Keech has featured in Bollywood film Bodyguard and in south films Billa and Maximum.


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