Hong Kong bans flights from the UK via the new coronavirus strain: Health chief Sophia Chan


Countries around the world have started banning flights and travelers from the UK. (Representative)

Hong Kong:

Hong Kong said Monday it would ban all flights from the UK after a new and highly infectious strain of the coronavirus was discovered there.

“After midnight there will be no more passenger flights from the UK to Hong Kong,” Health Minister Sophia Chan told reporters.

Anyone who arrives in Hong Kong and has been in the UK in the past 14 days will also need to undergo an extended quarantine.

All international passengers to Hong Kong currently have to go through a mandatory two-week quarantine in a special hotel.

Individuals with a recent history of travel in the UK must complete their hotel quarantine as well as an additional week of home isolation before they can be publicly approved.


Countries around the world have begun banning flights and travelers from the UK as London said on Sunday the spread of a contagious new strain of coronavirus was now “out of control”.

The Hong Kong decision will particularly affect students from the city who studied there and hoped to return home over the Christmas season.

“With regard to quite a number of students studying in the UK and returning to Hong Kong, the government believes that we must immediately take strict and targeted measures to prevent the mutated virus from spreading in Hong Kong,” Chan said.

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