House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi is calling for Donald Trump to be impeached


House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi called for the impeachment of Donald Trump on Wednesday (file)


House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday called for the impeachment of Donald Trump in the final week of his presidency, calling him a “clear and present threat” to America for instigating an “armed uprising” in the US Capitol.

“He has to go. He is a clear and present danger to the nation we all love,” the most powerful Democrat in Congress told the House Chamber during the debate on whether Trump was charged with “inciting insurrection” for the unprecedented second time shall be. “”

“Since the November presidential election, an election the president lost, he has repeatedly lied about the outcome” to cast doubt on the electoral process and “unconstitutionally tried to influence civil servants” to support the election of Democrat Joe Biden Pelosi said to rush.


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