How Virat Kohli made Adam Zampa feel welcome at Royal Challengers Bangalore


One of the main fights when India takes on Australia is between Royal Challengers Bangalore teammates Virat Kohli and Adam Zampa. While there have been times when India’s captain dominated Zampa, the leg spinner has often prevailed in recent times, with seven firings to his credit. But Zampa revealed that he has formed a good relationship with Kohli, saying that the prolific batsman is very different from his fiery attitude on the field when he’s not playing.

In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, Zampa revealed how Kohli made him feel welcome when he joined his RCB teammates ahead of the 2020 Indian Premier League (IPL).

On his first day with the team, he received a WhatsApp message from a number that had not been saved.

“Zamps, here’s the $ 15 voucher at a Deliveroo vegan restaurant,” it said. “It’s a really good restaurant.”

He later realized it was from Kohli, who, like Zampa, is vegan.

“It was the first day I arrived (and) he WhatsApped me,” said Zampa. ‘I didn’t have his number. He made it like we’ve known each other forever. ‘

“He’s definitely not what you see on the cricket pitch,” said Zampa. “He always brings his intensity to training and the game; he loves competition, he hates losing as much as anyone else. He probably shows it more than anyone else.”

“Once he is out of the park, he is the most relaxed man. He will watch YouTube clips on the bus, he will laugh out loud,” said the Australian leggie.

“There was a cricket clip from recently, there was a funny run, he laughed about it for three weeks. He loves to keep jokes like that.”

Speaking of suggestions that Kohli would be his rabbit, Zampa said, “I would laugh.”

And I really appreciate it. I released him seven times, but they have a good connection; the economy is also really more than six runs at a time. It’s getting interesting now that we’re closer. ‘

And can viewers expect some words to be exchanged between the two on the field?

“Virat won’t say anything to me because he knows it doesn’t really bother me,” said Zampa. “It’s exciting for me to have come this far. I always love that challenge. I love the challenge of bowling for Virat. He’s probably the best player of all time.”


Zampa and Kohli will compete on the limited-overs leg of India’s Down Under tour. India will face Australia in three ODIs for a three-game T20 International run.

The two teams will then face each other in a four-game test series, but Kohli will return to India on paternity leave after the first test in Adelaide and miss the rest of the series.

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