Hundreds of birds killed in Kathmandu after confirmation of cases of fresh bird flu


The government has asked poultry farmers to inform themselves if they suspect unusual bird behavior


Hundreds of birds will be killed in Nepal’s capital Kathmandu on Saturday as new cases of avian flu (H5N8) were confirmed after testing multiple samples in the past few days.

According to the press release from the Nepalese Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, there are confirmed cases of bird flu on a farm in Tarkeshwor-7 Municipality in the capital, Kathmandu.

At least 1,865 ducks, 622 quails, 32 chickens, 25 turkeys, 542 eggs and 75 kg of chicken feed were destroyed after virus was detected on the local farm.

“A real-time PCR test performed at the Central Livestock Research Laboratory confirmed the infection,” the press release said.


The ministry has asked poultry entrepreneurs and farmers to notify the authorities if they suspect unusual bird behavior.

Nepal’s southern neighbor India had confirmed cases of bird flu in the past few days, which resulted in the death and culling of poultry to prevent an escalation.

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