I wasn’t sure, he thought Anurag Basu would replace me: Ludo Pearle Maaney actress


Pearle Maaney in a still from Ludo (courtesy pearlemaany)


  • “I wasn’t sure if this was really happening,” Pearle Maaney said.
  • “I thought if he wasn’t happy, he could change me,” she said.
  • “I never had an audition with him,” he said of Anurag Basu.


Malayalam actress Pearle Maaney says she was not sure if director Anurag Basu was happy with her performance during the first programming of her first Hindi film. Ludo.

Maaney, popular for hosting TV shows and appearing in movies in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam, said she was surprised when Basu approached her for the black crime comedy.

The actor is best known for the 2015 Malayalam short film Punchirikku Parasparam, 2016 telugu romantic comedy Kalyana Vaibhogame, Malayalam horror comedy Pretham and malayalam sci-fi movie of 2018 who.

Ludo follows four different stories and also features Abhishek Bachchan, Aditya Roy Kapur, Rajkummar Rao, Pankaj Tripathi, Fatima Sana Shaikh, Sanya Malhotra, Rohit Saraf, Inayat Verma, Asha Negi, and Shalini Vats.

In an interview with PTI via Zoom Call, Maaney said that the fact that she was chosen for the project without an audition made her wonder about the Barfi director aware of her work.

“I wasn’t sure if this was really happening until the first show ended. Even during the first show, I thought that if he wasn’t happy with my performance, I might switch because I never auditioned with him.”

Maaney said he often wondered what convinced Basu he could land his role, which has hardly any dialogue, as the director may not have even seen his Southern films.

“I had this question constantly, because I had not acted before, I had no experience in Bollywood. I could not understand why he chose me among all the great actors. But I had this strong conviction,” added the actor.

In the film, Maaney plays a Malaysian nurse whose fortunes change overnight after a chance encounter.

Maaney said she later realized that she was cast to reflect authenticity on screen and is glad that a Hindi-speaking actor was not made to play a South Indian.

In the film, Maaney’s track, co-starring Saraf, runs parallel to the other three stories and builds up to the inevitable showdown when the four worlds collide with each other.


He said he was amazed at the way Basu directed the film. With a brief summary of the story, Maaney said he saw the director build the entire Ludo world like magic.

“Once I saw how he was working with everyone, who likes to experiment on set, I realized that he had a lot on his mind. Putting together four different stories is not easy. It is his courage to think of a story like Ludo and accept this incredible challenge.

“It’s not even a movie where you can delegate the work to the assistant directors. There were times when even the assistant directors (AD) had no idea. It was all in their head and it was wonderful how they did it.”

Like the rest of the cast, Maaney said he knew nothing about the movie when he joined.

The actor said that Basu’s secret sometimes extended even to the moment when an actor was about to give his chance.

“When the shot was ready and we asked him what to do, even then he would say ‘go in front of the camera, I’ll tell you.’ This is how we work. He wouldn’t give us a difficult scene without informing us, but if it was a light scene or he wanted a subtle expression, he wouldn’t give much detail. “

He said the director was so precise in what he wanted that he would even show the actors the exact expression he needed and the cast “would have to reflect it sometimes.”

“He knew his characters that well. All the colors were inside him. He was rolling the dice, we were just the players guided by him,” he added.

Ludo is scheduled to be released on Netflix on November 12.

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