Indian-American Niraj Antani sworn in as a Senator from Ohio, 1st by the ward to do so


Niraj Antani will serve a full four-year term.


Niraj Antani was sworn in as a Senator from Ohio, making him the first Indian-American citizen in the state Senate.

Antani, 29, who was elected to the Ohio State Senate from the 6th district, was sworn in on Monday.

“I am so grateful that I can represent the community in which I was born and raised as a senator,” said Antani shortly after he was sworn in.

Mr. Antani will serve a full four-year term.


“I will continue to work hard every day for every Ohioan to have the opportunity to realize their American dream. In these uncertain economic and health times, we must diligently strive to establish guidelines for the benefit of all Ohioans,” Antani said.

Antani served as the state representative for the 42nd Ohio House District since 2014. He was the youngest serving member of the Ohio State House of Representatives.

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