IPL 2020: BCCI ACU arrives in UAE, to video advisors in IPL 2020, focus on social media approaches


BCCI ACU chief said players will be told about ways corruptors might approach them.© AFP

Preventing corrupt approaches through social media will be the focus of BCCI’s anti-corruption unit (ACU) in the upcoming closed-door IPL, for which the watchdog will train players through video counseling rather than physical sessions. An eight-member BCCI team, led by Ajit Singh, landed in Dubai on Tuesday and are in the middle of their six-day quarantine. Singh has already said that the IPL, which begins on Sept. 19, will be more secure than it used to be, as it is conducted in a strict biobubble. There will be no crowds in the stadium and fans are not allowed to enter the team hotel.

There have been instances where corruptors pretended to be fans to approach players.

The ACU will speak with all eight teams separately and the sessions will be more useful to the younger players who are not exposed to international cricket and the glamor of IPL. The established players are already aware of the ACU protocols.

“This time there will be video counseling and it will not be on an individual basis. We can do it both in group and individually depending on what is possible and we will do it one by one (with all teams).

“We have also hired sports integrity agencies. We will use their help in monitoring bets if there are suspicious customers,” Singh told PTI.

The players will be told about ways corruptors can try to reach them via social media or phone (whatsapp) as these are the two main ways to reach the cricketers in a protected environment.

“Even in India, when we need information, we exchange information with ICC to keep it that way. So far nothing suspicious has been reported. We have two security officers on each team.”


“They are the ones watching the bubble,” added the former DGP of Rajasthan Police.

The sessions are expected to commence after the ACU team has completed the six-day quarantine and will be conducted in accordance with the teams’ training schedules.

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