IPL 2020: Kolkata Knight Riders Hope “Quick Fix” To Sunil Narine Reported Over Suspicious Bowling Action


Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) has said the franchise “respects the lawsuit put in place by the Indian Premier League” and hopes for a “quick resolution” of spinner Sunil Narine’s suspicious move. Narine was reported for suspicious action by game officials following KKR’s game against Kings XI Punjab on Saturday in Abu Dhabi. Both KKR and Narine were surprised by the incident, as the latter had already played six games in the tournament without worry.

“ This came as a surprise to the franchise and Narine, as he has played over 115 games in the IPL since 2012 and as many as 68 games since 2015, when he was last reported for suspicious action during the IPL season. before he was subsequently acquitted. fully through SRASSC, an ICC accredited facility, “KKR said in a statement.

“In addition, he played his 6th game this season without any formal or informal concern from the game officials so far. Having said this, we respect the process the IPL has put in place to have his action assessed, and are working closely with them on this matter. the IPL. We hope that a suitable solution will be found soon. We appreciate the collaboration being expanded by the IPL to expedite this issue, “it added.

Speaking to ANI, former BCCI treasurer Anirudh Chaudhry – the first chair of the Board’s Data Management Committee to roll out the online database management system used by the BCCI in the administration of domestic cricket – said it was time to adopt introduce artificial intelligence to increase the fairness quotient of the game.


“The need of the hour is to explore the use of artificial intelligence in conjunction with the broadcast feed to know the bowling arm extension angle in real time for each delivery. In addition, it is high time to balance the umpires on the ground and the third referee to ensure greater consistency of accurate decisions. All of this would only increase the fairness quotient of the game, “he said.

“To be fair, this whole situation of rejecting, then allowing and then rejecting someone is quite bizarre. The IPL authorities are doing their job well and playing by the book and that is commendable. But for a player and the fans “It’s like ping pong back and forth. Let’s not focus on Narine here, but on the processes that exist because a player is only following the existing process,” he explained.

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