Irrfan Khan’s wife, Sutapa Sikdar, responds to a comment that says the actor’s grave is a “dumpster”


Sutapa Sikdar with Irrfan Khan in a flashback (courtesy babil.i.k )


  • “I have planted the Raat Ki Rani in Igatpuri”, said Sutapa Sikdar
  • “I own that place where I can sit for hours,” she added.
  • “He is there in your spirit,” he wrote.

New Delhi:

“Baba really liked it,” wrote late actor Irrfan Khan’s son Babil in an Instagram post. Babil was responding to comments about Irrfan Khan’s grave looking “neglected” after a photo went viral over the weekend. Sutapa Sikdar, wife of Irrfan Khan, In one of his recent Facebook posts about Irrfan Khan, he was told that the actor’s grave looks like a “dumpster”, citing the viral photo. Sutapa was also asked if he actually planted the ‘Raat Ki Rani’ (Jasmine that blooms at night) as a tribute to Irrfan, as he said he would. In response to the comment, Sutapa Sikdar wrote an emotional note, clarifying that he has created a special shrine dedicated to Irrfan Khan in Igatpuri, Nashik. “Women are not allowed in Muslim cemeteries. Therefore, I planted the Raat Ki Rani in Igatpuri where I have a stone from his memory … where I have buried his favorite things. I own that place where I can sit for hours without anyone telling me I can’t sit next to them. He is there in his spirit. ”Irrfan Khan died in Mumbai on April 29. He was buried in Versova Muslim Kabrastan.

In his comment, Sutapa added: “But that does not mean that the cemetery should not be cared for … but as for how it is a very questionable thing … Wild plants, grass has grown in the rains. It is wild and beautiful is what I saw in the photo you mention. It rains and the plants come and wither in the next season and then it can be cleaned. Why should everything be exactly as defined? And the plants have grown maybe with a purpose … Look closely. “

Meanwhile, in a Monday night post, Babil shared a lot of photos of his younger brother Ayaan at Irrfan Khan’s grave and wrote: Baba liked it wild, Ayaan stands strong. Mamma recently wrote about the wild nature around when some of his fans were concerned that he looked unkempt, I need you to understand, he always always wanted to be surrounded by grass, plants and trees. Waste and plastic are always washed out of that desert. “He also shared Sutapa Sikdar’s response, saying,” This is what my beautiful mom wrote. “

After Irrfan Khan’s death, a family statement published by Sutapa Sikdar, Ayaan and Babil read: “Tears will flow when we plant a Raat Ki Rani tree, his favorite, in the place where you have put it to rest after a victorious journey. It takes time, but it will blossom and the fragrance will spread and touch all the souls that I will not call fans but family for years to come. “


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