Ivanka Trump’s parting message has a good word for Joe Biden


Ivanka Trump called it “an honor of a lifetime” to serve the country as an advisor to Donald Trump

New Delhi:

President Donald Trump’s daughter and adviser Ivanka Trump today shared a farewell message that Americans must pray for the success of the Joe Biden administration when the family leaves the White House. The news comes very close to her father’s message in which he wished the new government success for the first time.

In a statement posted on Twitter, she wished Joe Biden and his number 2 Kamala Harris, and their spouses and co-workers, happiness by saying, “May God give them wisdom, courage and strength”.

“As Americans we must all pray for their success,” said Ms. Trump.

Ms. Trump, 39, also called it “an honor of a lifetime” to serve as Donald Trump’s adviser to the country.

“I came to Washington to fight for American families, and I feel like I did,” the brief statement said.


Ivanka Trump also said she had traveled to “almost every American state” and dozens of countries in the past four years, thereby “falling deeply in love with the American people.”

Donald Trump, who has not appeared in public for a week, also broke days of silence with a video farewell speech that the White House said would be released later that day.

According to excerpts, Mr. Trump was the first to urge Americans to “pray” for the success of the new Biden administration – a change in sentiment in weeks he had spent trying to convince his large number of Republican supporters that the Democrat should had cheated in their campaign.

Mr Trump has not yet personally congratulated Mr Biden on his victory or invited him to the usual cup of tea in the Oval Office.

First Lady Melania Trump also shared a farewell message on Tuesday.


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