Japan puts 22,000 soldiers on alert as Typhoon Haishen approaches


Japan’s Meteorological Agency said typhoon could cause high waves comparable to tsunamis (Representative)


Typhoon Haishen, which is expected to hit southwest Japan in the next few days, has prompted the country’s military to put 22,000 soldiers on alert, Japanese Defense Minister Taro Kono said on Saturday.

“In the event that something happens, 22,000 members of the self-defense forces are on alert. The self-defense forces must gather all their strength and be ready for anything,” said Kono, as quoted by the NHK broadcaster.

Earlier in the day, the Japanese Meteorological Agency said the typhoon could cause high waves comparable to tsunamis.

The atmospheric pressure in Haishen’s center is 920 hectopascals, while the wind power is 180 km / h and the gusts are up to 252 km / h.

Typhoon Haishen is expected to hit the Japanese island of Kyushu on September 6th and 7th.

Almost 100 flights in southern and southwestern Japan were canceled on Saturday due to the approaching typhoon.


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