Jeff Bezos wants his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez and brother Michael Sanchez to pay attorney fees of $ 1.7 million


Lauren Sanchez’s brother sued Jeff Bezos and his security advisor, claiming they defamed him.

Jeff Bezos wants $ 1.7 million from his girlfriend’s brother to cover the legal fees the world‘s second richest person spent successfully defending a defamation lawsuit.

Lauren Sanchez’s brother, Michael Sanchez, sued Bezos and his security adviser Gavin de Becker, alleging they defamed him by telling journalists that Michael was the source of Bezos nude photos leaked to the National Enquirer. The case was dropped because Michael Sanchez only proved he had heard this from journalists.

Michael Sanchez betrayed his sister and Bezos by selling their private notices to the tabloid for $ 200,000, and then doubled down by filing a lawsuit bullying Bezos into a settlement “by making the discovery and public disclosure private affairs, “Bezos, threatened with a net worth $ 193 billion, said in his inquiry filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday.

“Mr. Bezos’ filing is obscene or even grotesque on many levels,” Tom Warren, an attorney for Michael Sanchez, said in an email.

A California judge dismissed Sanchez’s lawsuit in November under state law that allows for expedited dismissal of unsubstantiated protected language claims. Under anti-slapp law, the prevailing defendant is entitled to reimbursement of legal costs from the plaintiff.


Bezos went public in 2019 with an attempt to blackmail the National Enquirer. He said it threatened to reveal more details of his relationship with Lauren Sanchez and reveal photos if he doesn’t stop investigating what sparked a January 2019 disclosure of their affair while Bezos was still married to MacKenzie Scott. They divorced in 2019.

The case is Sanchez v Bezos, 20ST-cv-04212, California Supreme Court, Los Angeles County.

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